Zara Home Snoopy Mugs Fail FDA Tests

Photo courtesy Taiwan Food & Drug Administration

The Food & Drug Administration released a list of 11 products that failed border inspections. The FDA said that it found children’s Snoopy mugs imported from China for Zara Home to contain excessive levels of carcinogens, UDN reported.

The mugs contained formaldehyde at 6ppm and melamine at 4.2 ppm. The acceptable level for the chemicals in Taiwan is 2.5ppm. The English Zara Home product page has the mugs listed as “White melamine mug with handle and a Snoopy print,” and sells each for NT$170.

Other products that failed FDA inspections include tea bags from Vietnam, oranges from Japan, blueberries from Chile, romaine lettuce from the U.S., and mustard greens from Thailand, all of which failed tests for pesticides.

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