Yilan Server Wins Court Case over Tip

Photo courtesy epSos.de

Last October 19, a server at a roast lamb restaurant in Yilan County received a NT$200 tip from customers. The server surnamed Zhang was told by the boss that the tip belonged to the restaurant because it was not part of the server’s job to collect payment, UDN reported. Because Zhang refused to give the money to his boss, the boss filed a lawsuit against the server.

The Yilan District Court sided with Zhang. Despite a 10% service fee added to the bill at the restaurant, the customers voluntarily presented the server with additional money. Therefore, the court found that the money belonged to Zhang and not the boss.

While many restaurants add a 10% service fee to bills, tipping in Taiwan is not expected. Rumors have circulated that service fees do not always go to the staff at restaurants, but such speculation has not been verified.

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