Woman Kills Husband for Insurance Money, May Have Killed Daughter Too

bloody knife
Photo by Steven Depolo via Flickr Creative Commons https://www.flickr.com/photos/stevendepolo

Police determined that the Kaohsiug Ren Wu Steel Factory (仁武鐵工廠) owner had died on November 27 in apparent murder, Apple Daily reported. He had 18 lacerations on his neck and stab wounds when found by police; he had also ingested his wife’s sleeping pills. The man, surnamed Wang, had taken out a NT$15 million life insurance policy with his wife as the beneficiary.

The woman was found on surveillance video with a plastic trash bag that contained bloody clothes and gloves. When questioned yesterday, the woman claimed that her husband had requested her help in committing suicide to help pay off the couple’s debts. The family owed NT$7 million on their mortgage.

Wang was found tied to chair by his son who called police to the scene, according to UDN. Police first investigated business associates and employees who may have been owed money in connection with the murder, but had insufficient evidence.

While investigating the death, the insurance company found that the woman’s daughter had died under suspicious circumstances three years earlier. The mentally handicapped daughter fell off a bridge in August 2013. There were traces of the same sleeping pills and an unknown substance in her blood when she died. The daughter’s life insurance policy paid out more than NT$2.5 million.

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