Woman Blames Drunk Driving on Ginger Duck Soup

ginger duck soup
Photo by fullfen666 via Wikimedia Commons

A woman in Puzi, Chiayi County, was caught driving drunk early Wednesday morning with a blood alcohol level of 0.43 mg/L (0.086 BAC). The legal limit in Taiwan is 0.05 BAC or 0.15 mg/L, which would be the equivalent of drinking one bottle of Taiwan Beer.

The middle-aged woman surnamed Chen claimed that she was drunk because she drank too much ginger duck soup with her friends, CNA reported. She claimed that she joined a party with her friends and they had 11 bottles of Kaoliang rice wine to make the soup. Chen then consumed four bowls of the soup before leaving the party.

While driving home, Chen became lost, which was when police stopped her for suspicious driving behavior. Police said that the woman had flushed cheeks and smelled of alcohol; therefore, they decided to give her a breathalyzer test.

After her arrest, police noted that Chen has been arrested for drunk driving three previous times. Chen said that she was determined to not drink again after her last drunk driving incident, but did not think she would get drunk from ginger duck soup.

Police, however, are suspicious how Chen could get drunk from consuming four bowls of soup made with rice wine.

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