Friday Photo: Wen Wu Temple at Sun Moon Lake

wen wu temple

One of Taiwan’s most popular tourist destinations is Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) in Nantou County, and Wen Wu Temple (文武廟) is one of the more popular stops along the road around the scenic lake.

The temple’s three halls are dedicated to the First Ancestor Kaiji and the God of Literature, the God of War Guan Gong and the warrior-God Yue Fei, and Confucius, respectively. The temple has been at its present location since 1938, after hydroelectric dams forced two temples on the waterfront to move to higher ground. The temple was renovated and expanded in 1969.wen wu temple

After climbing the stairs through the three halls of Wen Wu Temple, visitors come to a newer gate with ornate stone carvings.

Despite the crowds that gather at Wen Wu Temple (map), the views of Sun Moon Lake from the steps are breathtaking, especially on clear days.

While many visitors to the area are on tours that drop them off at the various stops along the road, there is a public bus for independent travelers to take that stops just in front of Wen Wu Temple, as well as many other tourist destinations at the lake.

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