Water Restrictions Expected to Be Lifted in Kaohsiung

Shihmen Reservoir via Wikimedia Commons

The Ministry of Economic Affairs will hold a press conference to decide whether to lift water restrictions in Kaohsiung next week following the most recent rain, UDN reported. It is assumed that water restrictions will be lifted. The flow of the Gaoping River has reported risen to 15 cubic meters per second, above the 8.1 meter per second threshold, which will influence the ministry’s decision.

The water level at Shihmen Reservoir has increased by about 10 days. As of noon today, the Shihmen Reservoir had risen to 36.5% capacity.

However, the ministry must consider that the second phase of rice irrigation, which will affect the reservoirs, will begin in August.

The ministry will also consider restrictions on water pressure during the evening–it currently reduces water pressure between 10 pm and 6 am, but may revise it to 11pm to 5am.

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