Watch: Driver Loses Door in Car Wash

car wash accient
Screenshot of the car wash accident

A man encountered some tough luck at an automatic car wash recently. The car wash accident was caught on tape and should serve as a warning that in this conflict of man vs. machine, the machine wins.

Video from the car wash surveillance system, posted on Breaking News Community Facebook group (爆料公社), shows the man attempting to beat the machine so he can adjust his SUV’s driver-side windshield wiper, but he was just a little too slow.

As the car wash brushes return, they take the open door along. The driver looks on helplessly, probably questioning his decision. As the door becomes stuck in the machine, his car is then dragged along the car wash track as other vehicles wait their turn.

It’s unclear from the post and video where the car wash is located and no one in the comments confirms the location.

At least the man got the inside of his car door cleaned in the process. As one netizen noted, “The car door is the cleanest because the whole door is new.”

Other netizens just laughed at the man’s decision with some calling him stupid.

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