W Hotel VIPs Questioned over Woman’s Death in Taipei

W Hotel Taipei
Photo by Ernest Chiang via Wikimedia Commons

The Xinyi District police department is still investigating the events surrounding the death of a 21-year-old woman surnamed Guo on Wednesday at W Hotel, Apple Daily reported. At 10 AM, two men were seen carrying an unconscious woman in a bathrobe through the lobby to a taxi, which they instructed to go to Cathay General Hospital. The woman was in a coma when she arrived and transferred before being pronounced dead at 7 PM. The two men were brought in to the police for further questioning.

The men told hospital staff that Guo had taken too many sleeping pills, but blood tests showed toxic chemicals. A preliminary autopsy also showed unexplained bruises on her body. Further testing is ongoing to determine whether Guo was sexually assaulted and what drugs she ingested. The men questioned have all denied having any sexual relationship with Guo.

Guo’s family arrived in Taipei from Taitung after being contacted by police. They said that Guo had told them she was working as a model, but her mother didn’t know any specifics about her work.

The group of men involved in the case had reportedly stayed at the hotel for five days and brought guests into their rooms to drink. One man at the center of the investigation is the 28-year-old son of a wealthy Taoyuan businessman, and he is reportedly among the regular VIPs at the hotel who are also being questioned by police. Police questioned one man who had stayed on the 25th floor, but he claimed to have only stayed two days and left before the incident. Those involved in the investigation are mostly 20-something children of wealthy families.

W Hotel has said that will fully cooperate with the police investigation.

The two men who carried the woman to the taxi were arrested in the early morning on December 10 but released on NT$300,000 and NT$100,000 bail, respectively. Charges against the two are unclear at this time.

One suspect surnamed Zhu, who is reportedly responsible for booking the room at the hotel, was involved in a KTV brawl involving 30 people in Taipei last October, according to Apple Daily.

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