Vietnam Tourism Board Calls Taiwan Part of China

Taiwan Tourism Bureau
By 中華民國交通部觀光局,Tourism Bureau, MOTC, ROC

Following numerous incidents involving Taiwanese nationals being deported to China for committing telecom fraud, as well as Taiwan’s recent southward push to attract tourists from countries other than China, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has committed a faux pas that should delight Beijing and its interpretation of the “One China” policy.

As part of the southward push, Vietnamese tourism officials were invited to the “5th Taiwan-Vietnam Tourism Cooperation Conference.” However, during the conference, it was discovered in the “Vietnam Tourism: Latest Market and Policy” report that Vietnam identified the island as “Taiwan, China,” indicating that it is a province of China. The listing was part of a graph for “Top Ten Tourist Destinations of Vietnamese Travelers in 2015,” UDN reported.

Last year, 146,000 Vietnamese tourists visited Taiwan, which was the ninth most popular destination for Vietnamese travelers. The number tourists from Vietnam increased 6.9%. China, Laos, and Thailand are the top three destinations for Vietnamese tourists. Vietnamese officials said they hope for better communication with Taiwan before publishing such material in the future.

More than 438,000 Taiwanese tourists visited Vietnam in 2015.

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