Unsuccessful ATM Theft Leads to Arrest

Photo by Solomon203 via Wikimedia Commons

A 36-year-old man has been arrested for attempting to break into a Bank of Taiwan (臺灣銀行) ATM in Hsinchu Science Park (新竹科學園區), Apple Daily reported.

Police discovered that the ATM control panel had been tampered with on December 6. After reviewing surveillance footage, they found a man attempting to break open the machine between 3 and 5 am.

Police said the man, surnamed Chang (張) was wearing a hoodie in an attempt to hide his identity and he used a utility knife to break open the control panel. He was not, however, able to access the cash. The utility knife broke in the process. After viewing the video, police determined that the suspect was not a professional thief.

Police arrested Chang at 8 am Saturday morning. The hoodie, gloves, and utility knife were all found in his apartment.

Chang told police that he worked in the Hsinchu Science Park as a plumber. He confessed that he attempted to break into the ATM to repay gambling debts that were in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. He didn’t expect to get nothing after two hours of work; he gave up and ran as dawn was approaching.

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