Unpaid Loan Dispute Turns Violent, Destroys Shop in Taipei

Screen capture of store information page on 518.com.tw

A DM Store (大妹衣舖) in Taipei was destroyed last night by a group of more than 40 people dressed in black to hide their identities, Apple Daily reported. The news outlet only described the location of the store as eastern district; however, searches for the shop turn up locations in Da’an District. UDN reported that the shop is on Section 4 Zhongxiao East Rd. in Da’an District.

Zhang, the woman who owns the store, allegedly owed money for a loan to a man named Chen, who is now in custody for inciting the incident at around 10 pm. 12 other people were arrested along with Chen and the police are searching for other suspects.

The group smashed the shop with metal bars and baseball bats before attempting to set fire to the women’s clothing store. No one was injured in the destruction of the shop.

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