UberEATS Ordered to Clarify Customer Agreement

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Following a series of customer complaints, the Taipei Consumer Protection Office has ordered UberEATS to clarify its customer agreement or face a fine of NT$20,000-100,000 (US$680-3,400). The office suggests that the app clearly state the customer’s responsibility after ordering.

Chief Consumer Protection Officer Ho Hsiu-lan (何修蘭) said that the information disclosure on the app is incomplete. Ho said, according to the agreement, the meals are discarded if the contracted delivery person is left waiting for 10 minutes. The Consumer Protection Office requires UberEATS to include more detailed information to avoid further complaints.

In one case submitted to the Taipei Consumer Protection Office and reported by Apple Daily, the customer had missed the call from the delivery person. Upon noticing the missed call, the customer found no method to return the call through the app. After contacting UberEATS, the customer was told that the order would not be refunded as the total delivery time had exceeded the standard 10 minutes and the delivery person had already been instructed to dispose of the order.

In another case, the customer said she never received a call to tell her that her delivery was ready. She called the restaurant and was told that the meal had been picked up. After filing a complaint with UberEATS, she was told that she would only receive a 50% credit for the NT$480 meal on her account within one to three days.

According to the UberEATS website, no order is fully refundable after the order has been made. Other food delivery services in Taiwan such as Foodpanda and honestbee offer full refunds in the event a delivery is not made.

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