Despite Typhoon Nesat, National Examinations Go On

Ministry of Examination
Ministry of Examination. Photo by Solomon203 via Wikimedia Commons

As Typhoon Nesat makes landfall in Taiwan–on track to hit Taitung and bring heavy rain across southern Taiwan—the Ministry of Examination announced on Friday that it will continue with national examinations on Saturday as scheduled, except in some eastern coastal areas.

The examinations are for government-regulated positions such as physicians, psychiatrists, dentists, nurses, and social workers, as well as government careers.

Candidates signed up for the examinations have taken to Taiwan’s message board PTT and Facebook to voice their anger at the decision, Apple Daily reported. Many pointed out that there was a notice published on the ministry’s website on June 17 stating that if one area would be impacted by a natural disaster that would require rescheduling the examinations, then all areas of Taiwan would also have an extension.

Some candidates claim that giving an extension to only those in affected areas would make the exam results “unfair” as there is no way to ensure that altered test questions are of the same level of difficulty.

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