TWSE Flirts with 10,000

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The Taiwan Stock Exchange once again flirted with the 10,000 point mark today. It peaked just above the milestone yesterday morning before retreating and opened today at 10,011.91 before falling slightly (0.16%) from the previous day’s close.

The Taiwan dollar gained against the US dollar today; the exchange rate is now NT$30.55 to US$1.

Digital monitoring systems manufacturer GeoVision Inc. took a significant hit today, falling more than 6% after announcing its earnings this morning. The company’s profits decreased 47% from the previous year, though consolidated revenue only fell 2%. GeoVision saw increased sales in the first quarter, but revenue fell due to the declining value of the euro and Japanese yen.

Shares of Inotera Memories Inc. fell 3.12% as it jointly announced earnings with Nanya Techology Corp., which also stumbled 2%. The companies cited foreign exchange losses and lower prices of DRAM, according to Apple Daily.

AU Optronics Corp. also announced its first quarter earnings today. While revenue fell from the fourth quarter due to seasonality, AUO showed growth year-on-year. Shares of AUO were up only slightly today.


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