“Trump” Told Him to Withdraw Fraudulent Funds


A 23-year-old New Taipei man surnamed Chen was arrested for trying to withdraw NT$2.5 million from his CTBC Bank account, UDN reported. Bank staff noticed something suspicious about the man’s behavior when he entered the branch yesterday afternoon and checked into the large withdrawal before alerting police.

After his arrest, Chen said that another person who went by the name Trump (川普) told him to withdraw the funds from his account. Because “Trump” told him to withdraw the funds, he was confused why the police got involved.

Chen had been employed doing odd jobs around the city when he was approached by the man called Trump who convinced Chen to allow him to use Chen’s bank account. Trump then deposited allegedly fraudulent funds into Chen’s account before telling him to withdraw the large sum. Trump told Chen that if bank staff questioned the withdrawal, he should inform them that it was to help his father with a real estate development project.

Staff was suspicious because Chen is young and the account was just opened the previous week. When questioned by police, it was discovered that Chen’s father passed away 10 years ago.

Police have not released a description of “Trump” or any information on whether he has connections the US.

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