Traveler Loses Thousands to Customs


A 53-year-old American man had US$25,300 confiscated by customs at Taoyuan International Airport before he could board his China Airlines flight to Seoul, CNA reported. The man was found carrying US$35,300 in foreign currency, which is in excess of the US$10,000 limit, in his carry-on luggage.

The US citizen was relieved of his excess currency and forced to board a later flight for South Korea. He claimed he didn’t know about the currency limit and that the money was for his personal use in Korea.

While the man was unfortunate in losing his money to customs officials, he can nowhere close to the record amount seized last month as a man traveled to the Philippines to have JPY100 million in old banknotes appraised.

Had the man declared the currency on his customs forms, he may have only had to pay a smaller fee, though the Aviation Police Bureau website does not indicate what the fee would be for departing Taiwan with excess amounts of foreign currency.

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