Total Taipei’s Favorite Stories from 2016

Taipei 101 fireworks
Photo by Ukyo Hsieh via Wikimedia Commons

We admit it, there were some big stories we missed writing about over the past year, but it’s not easy working a full-time job and having only one person who is your writer and editor. This year saw the inauguration of Taiwan’s first female president. It also saw China force other countries to extradite Taiwanese citizens who were accused of committing fraud that allegedly targeted Chinese citizens. And US President-elect Donald Trump put Taiwan at the center of international news by taking a phone call from President Tsai Ing-wen, which was reportedly set up by people connected to Trump.

Anyway, we still found news that other English-language media skipped or didn’t notice a few days. Our New Year’s resolution is to get more breaking and entertaining news to you in 2017.

Hope you enjoyed reading our stories this year and look forward to more in the future. Happy New Year!


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