Torrential Rain Across Taiwan Wreaks Havoc

taiwan rain
16 people had to be rescued from flood waters in Taichung. Photo courtesy Taichung Fire Bureau

Torrential rain across Taiwan on Monday has cause significant problems for residents and authorities. There have been reports of people stranded and in need of rescue as well as flooding and landslides. Kaohsiung reportedly received more than 50 mm (2 inches) of rain as of 5 pm. Yangmingshan saw 22.7 mm of rainfall, according to the Central Weather Bureau. Some parts of central Taiwan received more than 70 mm.

The storms have delayed or cancelled flights in Kaohsiung and some residents are being asked to evacuate areas as a precaution in the event of landslides, UDN reported. The city’s Yong’an Industrial Zone reported 30 cm of rainwater on the roads. Mayor Han Kuo-yu held a meeting at 6 pm to review the situation.

In all, the agricultural damages from today’s storms are estimated to exceed NT$16.43 million (US$522,500), according to the Council of Agriculture (COA). The most serious losses were incurred in Nantou County, which has estimated losses of NT$7.65 million, Hsinchu County, Taoyuan City, and Taichung City. The COA said that the most damaged crop was papaya.

Four people were reportedly injured in Taichung due to the storms. Additionally, 16 people had to be rescued from flood waters along Huanhe Road this afternoon by the Fire Bureau in the city.

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