A Ton of Bananas Stolen from Nantou Warehouse

taiwan bananas
Photo by Lord Koxinga via Wikimedia Commons

Nantou police received a report yesterday that a truckload of bananas was stolen from a warehouse after being harvested, UDN reported.

The truck held 18 baskets of bananas, which each contained about 18 kg of produce, the victim surnamed Chen said. The bananas were likely stolen because prices of the fruit surged by about 50% this year.

Police identified a 28-year-old male suspect who was caught on camera stealing the truck at 1 am on February 19. When questioned, the man admitted to committing the crime. He claimed to have a grudge against Chen; therefore, he decided to steal the bananas and resell them when he found an appropriate time.

This isn’t the first instance of bananas being stolen in Taiwan, but it is the largest case of fruit theft. In April, a 66-year-old man was arrest in Yunlin County for stealing bananas from local plantations. The average retail price at the time was NT$73/kg.

Bananas aren’t the only fruit sought by thieves in Taiwan, however. In Chiayi County, farmers have been placing handwritten signs over the tops of pineapples in the hopes of politely warding off thieves. The cards say, “Thieves, please do not return,” according to another UDN article.

The farmers’ pleas have attracted the attention of local police who plan to increase monitoring of the area. Police also encourage farmers to install motion-sensor lights around their properties.

Unlike bananas, the price of pineapples has remained stable.


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