Thousands of Fish Dead in Puzi River

Photo by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Residents in Dongshi, Chiayi County, found thousands of dead fish in the Puzi River yesterday, UDN reported. The article says that residents complained about the stench from the river and suspect the fish kill is due to runoff from the sewage treatment plant upstream.

Hsieh Mingzhe (謝明哲) said he and other residents checked out the river the previous evening. They found hundreds of dead fish in previously clear water–the water had turned brown.

The EPA is investigating the situation and taking water samples. An EPA spokesperson said that residents shouldn’t rush to blame the sewage treatment facility as the fish kill could be due to other factors, including the ongoing drought.

The news comes after the EPA in Kaohsiung began inspecting illegal wastewater dumping in a creek. Last month more fish died in Yilan after flood gates were opened.

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