Tempers Flair at Tainan Budget Meeting

tainan city council
Photo by 象心力 via Wikimedia Commons

A Tainan City Council budget meeting became heated on Thursday as opposition members continually interrupted council chairperson Wang Ya-yun (王雅云) during discussions of the NT$10 million equipment replacement budget, UDN reported.

After the interruptions by council member Tsai Shu-hui (蔡淑惠) who insisted that Wang should remain neutral and allow others to speak on the matter, Wang said, “As chairperson of the council I am entitled to speak, please show respect. Are you a fool?”

Tsai then rushed the podium and tossed documents and chairs around Wang. Other council members moved to the podium to ensure further violence did not ensue.

Other members asked Wang to count the members present as there was less than quorum for the meeting. At that point, with only ten members present, Wang adjourned the budget meeting.

There have been four budget meetings on equipment replacement so far and council members have questioned whether replacing the old equipment is wasteful.

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