Tasty, Filling Meals at Dujiangyan Noodles

Tucked away on a side street in Songshan District is Dujiangyan Noodles (都江堰), a Sichuan-style establishment that is still adapted to the Taiwanese taste (i.e. not as spicy). The quaint noodle shop is located at No. 4, Alley 32, Lane 245, Section 4 Bade Rd.; the nearest MRT station is Nanjing Sanmin on Line 3. It’s a short walk north of Songshan Culture and Creative Park in the event you decide to get your food for take-away to enjoy while sitting at the pond.dujiangyan-noodles

This is the best beef noodle soup (麻辣牛肉麵) I’ve had in Taipei–plenty of lean cuts of beef, vegetables, two types of mushrooms, and a mildly spicy broth sets this dish apart from every other beef noodle shop in the city. It was also the most filling bowl of beef noodle soup I’ve had.dujiangyan-beef-noodles

The menu includes fried wontons and various other noodle dishes in the NT$40-110 price range. There are also small cold appetizers to share with your fellow diners.


Dujiangyan Noodles doesn’t have an English menu, but they do have a picture menu in case you can’t read the characters. This establishment is also BYOB if you so desire.