Taste of the Himalayas at Tibet Kitchen in Da’an District

tibet kitchen taipei

Just around the corner from Technology Building MRT is bright and open restaurant that serves delicacies from the Himalayas, a welcome change of flavor from the usual Taiwanese cuisine around Taipei. Tibet Kitchen in Da’an District serves more than just Tibetan food, it dedicates half its menu to Indian cuisine as well. You can choose from a variety of dishes, including chili chicken, vindaloo, and tandoori from the Indian section, or beef thukpa with dangtsen (a beef noodle soup with vegetables) and Tibetan milk tea.

Beef thukpa with dangtsen
Beef thukpa with dangtsen (NT$180)

The comfortable atmosphere is great for an intimate dining experience or for a fun dinner with a larger group while traditional Tibetan music plays on the TV.

Chili chicken
Chili chicken (NT$230)

You can choose to pair your meal with some Indian naan or Tibetan Noomsa Bhalek (fried bread), for NT$40 each. You may want to request a small dish of spicy sauce to dip it in as the dishes aren’t particularly spicy.

Noomsa Bhalek
Noomsa Bhalek

Tibet Kitchen has an English menu but does not accept credit cards.

Address: No. 217, Section 2, Heping East Rd., near Technology Building Station MRT on Line 1 (map)
Phone: (02)2705-4770

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