Taiwan’s 4G Availability Enters Top 10: OpenSignal

4G network speed
4G network speed map from OpenSignal

Taiwan’s 4G network availability entered the global top 10 for the first time in OpenSignal’s June 2017 report. Taiwan joined Hungary in the top 10 with a score of just over 83% since the organization’s last report in November 2016.

South Korea and Japan topped the list in availability.

In terms of 4G download connection network speeds, Singapore topped the list with 45.62 Mbps and Taiwan was ranked 22nd with 26.85 Mbps. 4G network speed in the US was only 14.99 Mbps. The global average was 16.2 Mbps.

FarEasTone Telecommunications had the fastest 4G and 3G networks, according to an Apple Daily report. The telcom company reportedly had download speeds of 41.7 Mbps. The report noted that overall speeds in Taiwan were dragged by slower speeds at Taiwan Mobile, TStar, and Chunghwa Telecom, though all three still beat the global average with a range of 20.9 to 27.4 Mbps.

OpenSignal’s sample period for the study was January 1, 2017 to March 31, 2017.

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