Taiwanese Professor Develops Heart Monitoring Clothing

heart monitoring shirt
Photo courtesy Chang Gung University

A research team from Chang Gung University (長庚大學) has developed smart clothing that can warn wearers of heart failure.

Dr. Lee Ming-yih (李明義), who is distinguished professor and chairman of the Graduate Institute of Medical Mechatronics, has been researching “wearable cardiogram-assisted early warning system for heart disease” with his team for five years, UDN reported.

Dr. Lee said that medical professionals check vibrations in a patient’s body to monitor heart activity. Therefore, he has used this technology in the clothing to measure myocardial contractions. He said that this can be used as an early warning system for heart disease.

The professor believes that this clothing can assist doctors, particularly those working in hospitals that lack adequate technology, to more accurately identify heart problems and prevent heart attacks. The clothing can map the heart and inform doctors of locations of the problems.

The clothing has four electronic components that are less than 1 cm in diameter and 0.2-0.3 cm thick that can monitor heart function anytime and anywhere and send test results to servers and smartphones to allow physicians and family members to immediately access the information.

The clothing design has won two national awards, including an industrial benefit award, as well as some additional recognition for its innovative concept. The design has been picked up by British media and research hospitals are looking to begin testing it with patients.

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