Taiwan University Students Join “Free the Nipple” Campaign

free the nipple

Five students at National Yang-Ming University in Taipei’s Beitou District have joined the international “Free the Nipple” campaign. (Seriously there’s even a hashtag for this one -#Freethenipple – as well as a Facebook group.)

According to Apple Daily, the group has found a male supporter on Facebook who posted an essay explaining the need for the campaign. User Yeh Jiunn Tyng discussed sexual liberation and repression, the Oedipus complex, and psychology of censorship and pornography.

In most mainstream publications it’s acceptable to show nearly 99% of a woman’s breast, as long as the nipple is not exposed (see underboob, sideboob, and other pointless paparazzi photos). Huffington Post made enough money from celebrity sideboob photos to support its publication of real news, despite Arianna Huffington claiming that the page was a joke. Of course, there are places, such as Thailand, that warn people about posting photos that don’t even come close to exposing a nipple.free-nipple

Free the Nipple is an equality movement based on double standards that developed out of a 2014 American comedy film of the same name by Lina Esco. The movie was made in 2012 and Esco began the campaign the following year.

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