Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Launches New Beer, Promo

Taiwan beer
Photo by Alton.arts via Wikimedia Commons

Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation (TTL) announced that it began offering a three-day promotional sales event for its new beer 爽啤 Song Beer across Taiwan, Apple Daily reported. The promotion will end Saturday.

The “double hops” lager from Taiwan’s largest beer manufacturer will run a buy 2 get 1 promotion at 300 quick fry (熱炒) restaurants. Quick fry restaurants account for about 44% of the company’s total beer sales. The company hopes to sell 120,000 bottles of its new beer during the three-day sales promotion.

TTL marketing director Cheng Chi-yuan (鄭啟源) said that a survey showed young people do not like the overall taste of beer, but enjoy the refreshing feeling of the initial sip. Cheng added that Song Beer is smoother than the iconic Taiwan Beer and has a lower alcohol content at 3.5%. The beer is specifically marketed to 18-25-year-olds who frequent quick fry restaurants.

Cheng said that TTL targets monthly sales to reach 150,000 cases of bottles and 200,000 cases of cans per month following the promotion. The company expects 爽啤 Song Beer to become its second best-selling beer after Gold Medal Taiwan Beer.

The company hopes the new beer will capture a 5% share of Taiwan’s beer market in the next three months.

The beer will be available at 7-Eleven starting August 11.

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