Taiwan’s Telecom Operators to Stop Selling Huawei Phones

huawei taiwan
Taiwan's three telecom operators have indicated that they will no carry any new Huawei devices. Photo: Huawei official Instagram

As the pressure mounts in the West against China’s major telecom manufacturer Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. over allegations of spying and stealing technology, it appears that Taiwan is also following along.

US President Donald Trump’s administration recently banned Huawei from participating in the country’s 5G network upgrades. On the heels of that news, Google suspended the company from its Android ecosystem, thereby eliminating the company’s ability to load Google services onto its devices. And UK-based chip maker ARM reportedly told its staff to halt all cooperation with Huawei.

Now Taiwanese telecom service provider Chunghwa Telecom has indicated that it will not carry any new Huawei devices for sale, Apple Daily reported.

The telecom operator said that its manufacturers, including Senao International and Synnex, will no longer work with the Chinese company. Chunghwa Telecom said, however, that it currently has Huawei devices on its shelves, but it will not sell any new products after those are sold.

In addition, Taiwan Mobile said that it would no longer sell the Chinese devices either because the new models will not support Google services. The company said that Taiwan’s government should release clear directives on what manufacturers and products pose security concerns to eliminate confusion in the industry.

FarEasTone Telecommunications said that it will continue to sell its current stock of Huawei devices as well.

Despite the tensions between the company and governments, Huawei has become popular in Taiwan recently. In April, the company’s devices were fourth in terms of sales volume, giving it an 8.9% share of the market. It was behind Apple, Samsung Electronics, and OPPO, according to Taiwan Mobile.

It remains to be seen whether the company’s newest phone, the P30 Pro, will be available in Taiwan if Huawei remains suspended from the Google ecosystem.

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