Taiwan Police Take Notice of Drug Suspect’s Unnatural Bulge

drugs tainan
A man in western Taiwan was caught with drugs stuffed in his pants. Photo provided by Tainan police

“Are those drugs in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Police in Tainan arrested a 21-year-old man for drug possession last week after becoming suspicious of the unnatural bulge in his pants.

Police in the city’s Xitun District said that they became suspicious of the man surnamed Liu when he turned his car around after seeing the officers on the road. They quickly pursued the suspect and found him in possession of ketamine after searching the vehicle, Apple Daily reported.

While inspecting Liu’s documents and identification, police noticed that his pants appeared stuffed when they asked him to exit the vehicle. Upon further inspection that required an intimate pat-down, they found 14 packets of ketamine in his pants totaling 23.77 grams. Police then searched the car and found another 14 packets of ketamine.

Liu claimed that the ketamine was for his own use and he did not intend to sell it. He confessed to spending tens of thousand of Taiwan dollars on the drugs to feed his habit.

During his arrest, Liu was surprised that he was caught and allegedly commented, “Even if you’re careful, you can’t escape the law.”

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