Taiwan Seeks to Expand Organic Agriculture

taiwan organic farmland

The Executive Yuan today drafted an “Organic Agriculture Promotion Act,” which would seek to expand Taiwan’s organic farmland to 15,000 hectares by 2020, Apple Daily reported.

Taiwan current has 7200 hectares of organic farmland, and the Council of Agriculture (COA) hopes that the annual output value of that farmland will reach NT$3.78 billion (US$125 million) this year. The current organic farmland area is 3.5 times what it was a decade earlier, according to the Minister of Agriculture Lin Tsung-hsien (林聰賢).

If the bill passes, the COA hopes that the annual output value of Taiwan’s organic agricultural industry could reach NT$7.5 billion (US$248 million).

The Agricultural Production and Certification Act only regulates organic products and does not assist in the promotion of organic agriculture. It also lacks some flexibility in areas of management, according to the COA. The Organic Agriculture Promotion Act would fill the gap to develop the industry.

In an effort to avoid misleading consumers, the act would also forbid any farm or food product company from using “organic” in their names if they are not certified by the government.

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