Taiwan Businesses to Celebrate International Coffee Day October 1

international coffee day
A special serving of coffee at San Coffee (森高砂咖啡館) in Taipei. Photo by Matthew Lubin

Coffee lovers rejoice! October 1 marks International Coffee Day (a holiday that began in 2015), and some businesses in Taiwan are participating in the global celebration of the caffeinated beverage. While major chains are pushing out promotions ahead of October 1, there are more than enough independent coffee shops around to get a cup to start the morning (or continue the day).

Local chains like Barista Coffee (西雅圖咖啡) will have specials to celebrate the day. This year, Barista Coffee will introduce 30 new coffee products between September 28 and October 3 that will be available with a buy one get one at a discount offer. Offers include a coupon for a NT$15 cup of Americano with the purchase of another coffee. The coffee shop chain will also offer Haagen-Dazs’ Barista Collection during the promotion.

Sales of coffee beans in Taiwan have increased 50% from last year, according to Taipei-based Chuan Lian Enterprise Co., Ltd., owner of supermarket chain PX Mart. The grocery store will carry Starbucks and other brand coffee beans at a discount as a promotion for International Coffee Day.

Taiwanese bakery and coffee shop chain 85˚C will also have a buy one get one discounted on October 1. Starting at 10 am, a second large cup of coffee will cost NT$20 less. The offer also applies to espresso. Additional details are available on the company’s Facebook page.

Cama Cafe will have a similar offer at its stores on World Coffee Day. It will also have a latte promotion until November 17. Meanwhile, Seattle-based Starbucks will offer members a buy one get one free promotion on any coffee beverage on October 1 and 2, with an additional offer for office workers on October 5 between 11 am and 8 pm.

Mr. Brown, the coffee chain owned by makers of Kavalan Whisky King Car Group, will also have a buy one get one free promotion for Americano from October 1 to 5.

Convenience store chain Hi-Life will also have special offers for International Coffee Day. Hi-Life’s Hi Cafe will launch a promotion on its Instagram feed on September 30. Customers who complete the tasks in the Instagram post will be eligible to win one of 101 cups of hot or iced Americano through the company’s app (雲端超商). Hi-Life will have additional coffee-related promotions, mostly through the app, extending later into October.

The majority of coffee in Taiwan is imported, though the country produces some of its own. In 2013, Taiwan imported 31,284 tons of coffee from 73 countries. Much of the domestic coffee is available at specialty shops, including San Coffee (森高砂咖啡館) in Taipei’s Datong District.

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