Taiwan Included in First Wave of iPhone 7 Release

iPhone 7
Photo from Apple website

Apple product lovers in Taiwan are rejoicing in the news that the company has included it in the first round of countries to receive the official release of the iPhone 7 on September 16, Apple Daily reported. Pre-orders for the iPhone will begin on September 9. Apple expanded the number of countries in which the phone will be available on the first release date to 28, as opposed to 12 countries for the iPhone 6.

Some vendors and suppliers speculate that the reason for the increase is that Apple does not anticipate a supply shortage as it has in the past. It may also improve first-week sales of the the iPhone.

While consumers will be pleased that the new model is faster and water resistant, many are already complaining about the wireless earphone and lack of a headphone jack. Apple’s AirPods, specifically for the iPhone 7, will retail for US$159, and the battery is said to last for five hours. The retail price for the iPhone 7 will reportedly be the same as for the iPhone 6s.

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