Carrefour, Advantech Team Up for Taiwan’s First Intelligent Retail Store

carrefour taiwan
Photo by Mk2010 via Wikimedia Commons

Intelligent systems provider Advantech Corp. and France-based superstore Carrefour announced today that they will cooperate along with Intel, which will supply processors for Advantech’s system, to develop Taiwan’s first intelligent retail store, UDN reported.

The companies will cooperate and utilize Internet of Things (IoT) technology to develop online-to-offline, offline-to-online, online-to-mobile, and omni-channel retail solutions to provide customers with an innovative shopping experience, which could include virtual reality (VR) product evaluations. The retail experience will use Advantech’s cloud-based UShop+, which the company says improves retail business intelligence as well as customer engagement.

The system will not only send instant targeted advertisements to customers along with an interactive product catalogue, but it will help Carrefour ensure that the store has adequate inventory with customer flow analysis. It will even monitor temperatures for fresh/refrigerated food.

Carrefour says that the use of mobile technology and IoT will help accelerate the checkout process. After checkout, customers can respond to their experience through a service satisfaction survey. Consumers can also download the Carrefour app to scan for product information and receive updates on deals or similar products.

Through the app, customers will also be able to request help from staff while shopping without having to search for employees.

The companies reportedly began negotiating the cooperation and development plan last August. The cooperation will involve three stages, the first of which is opening the intelligent retail store. The second phase will involve customer analysis utilizing big data to optimize operational efficiency. The third phase would be to expand to Carrefour’s stores worldwide.

There was no mention of where Carrefour’s intelligent retail store will be located.

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