Taiwan’s Curriculum to Reduce Focus on Chinese History

neihu high school
Photo by WeiHsiang Wang via Wikimedia Commons

The National Academic of Educational Research (NAER) on Monday announced proposed revisions to the 12-year basic education curriculum for students in Taiwan, with the greatest changes coming to the history curriculum.

The NAER also launched a public online discussion forum for the revisions on July 3 that will end at 5 pm on November 10. It will also host public hearings throughout Taiwan.

The entire history curriculum will be reduced from 8 to 6 credits. The 1.5 credits that were dedicated to history of China will be reduced to only 1 credit. The lessons on Chinese history will mainly be incorporated in East Asian history and be presented in thematic lessons rather than chronologically. There will also be more of a focus on the last 500 years of Taiwan’s history.

The proposed revisions came after 255 meetings that included 43 foreign consultations. The NAER sought to incorporate more foreign standards to the curriculum to enhance student learning.

It also focused on social learning skills as well as adaptive techniques to better serve students from varying backgrounds. There are also proposed changes to include more interpretive lessons to better develop students’ comprehension and critical thinking skills.

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