Taiwan Dollar Gains Against US Dollar, Yen


It may be a good time to travel to Japan. Tiger Air is set to begin flights from Taoyuan International Airport to Osaka Kensai on July 3, and it is running a sale until midnight tomorrow. There will only be one flight per day, departing at 6:40 am from Taoyuan and 9:05 pm from Osaka.

To add to the prospect of a vacation in Japan, the Taiwan dollar hit a 17-year high against the Japanese yen today. The exchange rate for one Taiwan dollar is now 4.05 yen. The currency also reached 30.62 against the US dollar, which also gained against the yen. The US dollar is now 123.93 yen; the yen briefly reached 124 against the US dollar today, a 12-year low for the Japanese currency.

Travel to Japan from Taiwan has increased this year with the devalued currency, UDN reported. Statistics show that tourists from Taiwan increased 26% year-on-year in the first quarter. Increased travel to Japan is expected to continue through August.

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