Taiwan to Ban Certain Motorbikes by 2020

Photo by PSP Parrot, via Wikimedia Commons

The EPA has decided to end subsidies for residents to purchase new motorbikes with better emissions standards in 2019. And in 2020, two-stroke motorbikes will officially be banned in Taiwan, Apple Daily reported, but the ban may not cover the entire territory.

Taipei, Taichung and Tainan plan to institute laws prohibiting two-stroke motorbikes to improve air quality. The laws may ban such motorbikes throughout the cities or just in certain areas.

EPA Minister Lee Ying-yuan referenced Chinese cities that have banned all motorbikes, but stressed that in Taiwan’s democratic government such changes can’t be as swift. He said that it takes more time to draft and enforce laws.

Two-stroke motorbike riders in Tainan gathered to protest the legislation yesterday.

Whether subsidy elimination and bans on the two-stroke engines will give a boost to Gogoro Smartscooter sales remains to be seen.

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