Taipei to Step up Pickpocket Monitoring

pickpocket taipei

While many people, particularly expats and tourists, view Taiwan as a safe place to visit and live, the Taipei City government said that as of the beginning of May, it had recorded 39 pickpocket cases involving 42 suspects. The city government plans to step up efforts to monitor locations at which more pickpockets have been known to operate, Apple Daily reported.

The city government said that the majority of pickpocket cases were at Martyrs’ Shrine, night markets, and the National Palace Museum. Police will hang posters warning residents and visitors of pickpockets and to watch their belongings.

Of the 42 suspects in the pickpocket cases this year, 55% were foreign nationals. 19 of the pickpockets were Taiwanese, while six were Vietnamese, six Korean, six mainland Chinese, and five Mongolian. The foreign nationals arrested in the cases mostly claimed that they were in Taiwan for sightseeing in attempt to avoid facing trail and flee the country.

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