Taipei, oBike Cooperate on Legal Parking Spaces


In an effort to cut down on complaints from residents about illegally or poorly parked shared bikes around the city, Taipei City’s Department of Information Technology (DOIT) has partnered with oBike to provide users of the company’s app with information on legal parking spaces in the city.

Since the arrival of the Singapore-based dock-less bike share company in Taiwan, there have been numerous complaints about illegally parked bikes. Photos regularly appeared online of oBikes in piles along sidewalks and streets and even in rivers and streams. Regulations were put in place that fined the company for the illegally-parked bikes. In July, New Taipei City banned the bikes from using public parking spaces in 11 densely-populated districts.

Residents and visitors can now access information about legal public biking parking throughout the city. By sharing its data with oBike and converting it into a latitude and longitude grid, the mapped information can be accessed via oBike’s app.

“With the data conversion, commuters will find it easier to search and position bike racks across the city, thus contributing to more effective traffic management,” the DOIT said in a statement.

The information can also be accessed online in Chinese through Data.Taipei. The data can also be used by private bicycle riders to find parking in Taipei.

The Data.Taipei site is a platform with over 1,000 datasets in categories spanning transportation, air quality, and food safety. The DOIT said that it receives 20 million users per month. The city government hopes that the data can be used by other companies to offer value-added services in the future.

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