Taipei Nightclub Fight Leaves 1 Dead

Photo by Kwongning210 via Wikimedia Commons

Police were called to an altercation between two groups at WAVE nightclub at ATT 4 Fun in Xinyi District at 3:00 this morning, Apple Daily reported. When police arrived, they found two men had been stabbed; both were rushed to the hospital.

The 20-year-old victim was was stabbed in the neck and chest and pronounced dead on arrival. The other man was stabbed in the back and is recovering in the hospital.

An 18-year-old suspect was arrested and is being interrogated; he is allegedly the man responsible for the stabbing. Police are still searching for others involved in the fight to determine the cause of the violence. Reports claim the altercation began with the two men bumping into each other in the club, with the incident escalating into an argument between their respective groups before turning into a fight.

Witnesses said two people were fighting near the elevator, but they did not see a knife because of the dim lighting. Some people stepped in to try to stop the fight, but were also cut. Club staff said after seeing the victim cut on the neck, they sought assistance to stop the bleeding before paramedics could arrive.

Police believe the violence may be gang related.

Update: The man arrested for the murder claims that he was drunk and doesn’t remember the details of the incident, according to Apple Daily. Police are still trying to identify others involved in the brawl.

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