Taipei New Year’s Eve Preparations

Taipei 101 fireworks
Photo by Ukyo Hsieh via Wikimedia Commons

Fireworks are planned at midnight at Taipei 101 and Miramar Entertainment Park. For New Year’s revelers who wish to avoid the overcrowded areas in the city, the  Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) suggests heading for the riverside parks.

The HEO suggests watching Taipei 101 fireworks from the Rainbow Riverbank Park between Minquan Bridge and MacArthur Bridge No.1. Meiti or Guanshan Riverbank Park also provide views of Taipei 101 for the evening. Yingfeng and Dajia parks on the banks of the Keelung River are suggested for views of the Miramar fireworks display.

Songshan Culture and Creative Park also provides decent views for the Taipei 101 fireworks. There are also some tables and seats for those who arrive early.

The weather forecast calls for temperatures around 16°C (61°F) and winds around 22.5 kmh (14 mph).

Taipei 101 fireworks will reportedly last 888 seconds (just shy of 15 minutes).

For those heading to the Taipei 101/City Hall area to enjoy the fireworks: 

  • All trains on Line 2 (Red) will terminate at Xiangshan beginning at 5 pm
  • Trains might pass City Hall station (Blue line) and Taipei 101 stations (Red line). You should get off early at SYS Memorial Hall (Blue line) and Xinyi Anhe (Red line), and walk to Taipei 101/City Hall
  • Exit 4 of Taipei 101 station will be closed from 10 pm
  • Exit 2 of Taipei City Hall station will be closed by 9 pm
  • Exit 3 of Taipei City Hall station, along with passageways to Hankyu and Breeze will be closed by 10 pm


  • The Maokong Gondola will be running until at least 2 am
  • Some YouBike stations will be inactive beginning at 5 pm on New Year’s Eve. Please visit the YouBike website for details (in Chinese only). All stations will reopen at 3 am.

According to the city government, starting at 8 pm on December 31, Keelung Road Underpass will be reserved for emergency vehicle passage. Southbound traffic along the long channel on Keelung Road will be closed to traffic.

Starting 10 pm on December 31, ramps leading to Keelung Road from Huandong and Tiding Boulevards will be closed. Drivers should head west on Civic Boulevard at Zhenqi Bridge for detour.

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