Taipei MRT to Have Theme Songs to Get Stuck in Commuters’ Heads

Photo by mailer_diablo via Wikimedia Commons

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je said yesterday that each MRT station in the city will have its own music to help riders recognize which stop they’ve reached. There will also be various sounds at the entrance and exit gates to replace the generic “beep.” Get ready for frogs, ukulele chords, and other such sounds and you make your way to work.

Mayor Ko seems to believe that MRT announcements in Mandarin, English, and Hakka are not enough for people to know where they are. And those bilingual LED screens won’t help either, apparently.

Somehow, these musical themes will enhance Taipei’s international image and lead to global blog posts about Taiwanese culture and transportation. It should fit right in with the Hello Kitty Maokong Gondola.

While Taipei plans to have a different song for each station, it isn’t the first metro system to have music announcing approaching stations–the Seoul Metro has had music for station announcements for years, but the song remains the same each time.

If you have suggestions for theme songs for the MRT stations, you should probably contact Mayor Ko with your suggestions.

Source: Want China Times

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