Former Taipei Mayoral Candidate Faces Sexual Assault Charges

lee hong-hsin
From Lee Hong-hsin's clinic website

Taipei Otolaryngologist (ENT) Lee Hong-hsin (李宏信), who was a candidate for mayor against Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) in 2014, was in court today to face charges for sexually assaulting a patient, Liberty Times reported.

The 76-year-old Dr. Lee is the director of Otolaryngology department at Chung Shan Hospital (中山醫院耳鼻喉) near the Ren’ai Dunnan Traffic Circle when a young woman came to his clinic in August last year suffering from severe allergy-related nasal problems. She had been referred to the doctor by family members.

The student claims that Dr. Lee touched her breasts during her first visit, but thought nothing of the situation because he was cleaning up nasal drip that had fallen on her chest. She believed, at the time, that his actions were part of the medical procedure. However, during her follow-up visit a few days later, the student alleges that Dr. Lee put his arms around her and attempted to kiss her.

Lee Hong-hsin
Dr. Lee Hong-hsin from Guanghua Clinic website

She claims he said, “You are so beautiful today, may I kiss you?” As she backed away, Dr. Lee grabbed her breast to prevent her from leaving.

Dr. Lee claims that the allegations are false and that there was no way that he could even attempt to kiss the young woman as he was wearing a surgical mask at the time. He says that he only patted her shoulder for comfort as he saw that she was in pain.

However, there are other women who have come forward with similar allegations against the doctor. He was brought to court to face the allegations in December last year. Chung Shan Hospital suspended Dr. Lee after the sexual assault case was brought against him.

Running as an independent in 2014, Dr. Lee attracted 0.18% of the vote for mayor. Mayor Ko received 57.16%.

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