Taipei, Kaohsiung Metro Cards to Be Interchangeable

Taipei’s EasyCard and Kaohsiung’s iPass will soon be interchangeable, making travel between the two cities easier. The iPass will be accepted in Taipei starting September 1, while Kaohsiung is expected to accommodate the EasyCard by next July.

EasyCard sales have exceeded 50 million, but only about 10,000 people have both an EasyCard and iPass, according to UDN.

Both cities will open additional gates in their respective metro stations to accommodate each other’s metro cards, but will alter the systems so all gates will accept both metro cards in the future.

The change will also allow iPass holders to rent the YouBikes around Taipei. The iPass can already be used for YouBike rentals in Taichung and Changhua, but not in Taipei. Taipei City Department of Transportation chief Liu Chia-you said that the YouBike registration system is equipped to handle multiple card types, but it will take more time to modify the system for additional cards from other cities.

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