Taipei Gets Ready for New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Taipei’s annual year-end party at Civic Plaza will take place between 7 pm and 1 am, with performances by A-Lin, Nine One One, Wu Bai, SpeXial, Ben Wu, Boxing, Gentlemen, Nick Chou, Linda Chien, Amber An, and Eight Three One.

The 238-second Taipei 101 fireworks will for the first time feature lighting elements, and the Miramar Entertainment Park’s fireworks display will last 317 seconds.

The city government also recommends watching the Taipei 101 fireworks from the riverside parks. Note that you can no longer view the Taipei 101 fireworks from Songshan Cultural Creative Park.

The Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) pointed out that the Rainbow Riverside Park on the right bank of Keelung River allows revelers to watch fireworks upwind without smoke and haze blocking the view, while the vintage spot for the Miramar fireworks is Meiti Riverside Park. For people seeking to watch both pyrotechnic shows, Guanshan and Yingfeng riverside parks on the left bank of Keelung River are also your top choices.


Traffic Measures for City Hall and Surrounding Areas

In light of possible large turnout at the New Year’s Eve Bash, the following measures will be implemented to limit the impact on traffic on crowd flow for the vicinity around the event venue (city hall):


Traffic/Crowd Management Plans for New Year’s Eve:

  • Vehicles are not permitted to enter the traffic control area after the stage event begins. Vehicles are allowed to leave the traffic control area – 7 – 8 pm, December 31
  • Traffic control area extended to Yushian Road and Renai Road (section between Yushian Road and Guangfu South Road). Vehicles are prohibited from entering and leaving the zone – Starting 8 pm on December 31.
  • Traffic control area expanded. All vehicles prohibited from entering/leaving the traffic control zone. Traffic control area may be adjusted based on actual situation as determined by staff at the emergency response center.
  • Keelung Road Overpass: Keelung Road/Leye Road exit closed. Vehicles should exit beforehand at Keelung/Dunhua exit.
  • Huandong/Tiding Boulevard: Keelung Road exit closed. Vehicles traveling west should switch to Civic Boulevard at Zhengchi Bridge.
  • Xinyi Express Lane: Traffic control at the intersection of Xinyi Road and Songde Road. Vehicles can leave the city via Xinyi Express Lane. Cars entering the city can only right turn on Songde Road.
  • Civic Boulevard: Eastbound traffic leaving the overpass via Civic/Guangfu Exit will be prohibited from turning onto Guangfu South Road at the Civic Boulevard and Guangfu South Road intersection.

MRT Station Underpasses/Xinyi Commercial District Pedestrian Overpass

  • MRT Taipei 101/World Trade Center Underpass: Closed between 10 pm on December 31 and 3 am on January 1.
  • MRT Taipei City Hall Station Underpass: Closed between 10 pm on December 31 and 5 am on January 1.
  • Breeze Center Xinyi Underpass: Closed at 10 pm on December 31. Reopens on January 1 at regular hours (Both Uni U Style Department Store and Breeze Center Xinyi opens at 11 am on January 1).
  • Taipei City Hall Bus Station Second Floor Plaza and Xinyi Commercial District Pedestrian Overpass: Pedestrian access limited starting 10 pm on December 31.
  • Post-event Exit Plans

    To help revelers make their way home after the conclusion of the New Year’s Eve bash, the following measures will be in place for the vicinity around city hall.

    Extended Hours for Public Buses Traveling Through Xinyi District

    • Bus routes 1, 20, 22, 202, 204, 212 express, 226, 232 (including sub-line), 263, 266, 270, 281, 282, 284, 288 (including shuttle), 299, 311, 552, 611, 612, 650, 651, 669, 912, 915, 939, Xinyi Main Line, New Xinyi Main Line, New Zhongxiao Main Line, BL7, BL10, BL26, BR6, BR18, and G1 – total of 38 lines.
    • For the aforementioned bus traveling along the entire length of Zhongxiao E. Road (including 212 express, 232, 232 sub-line, 299, and New Zhongxiao Main Line), the last bus will arrive at Xinyi Commercial District around 2 AM on New Year’s Day. For other buses that do not travel the entire length of Zhongxiao E. Road, the last bus will arrive in Xinyi District around 1:30 AM on New Year’s Day.

    MRT Transit Buses

    • R2, R3 limited, R10, R12, R15, R19, R29, R31, R32, BL1, BL2, BL15, BL23, BL25, BL28, BL29, BL36, G2 right, G2 left, BR2, BR3, BR9, BR12, and BR20 – total of 24 lines.
    • The last bus will arrive at the first MRT station at approximately 2 AM on New Year’s Day.

    Buses and Coaches with Stops at MRT Stations

    • MRT Yuanshan Station: 936, 937, and 945 – the last bus will leave the MRT station at 2 AM on New Year’s Day.
    • MRT Taipei Main Station: 1210 (Taipei – Linkou) – a bus every 20 minutes; operates around the clock the entire day.
    • MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing Station: 1211 (Taipei City Hall – Changung University) – the last bus will leave the MRT station at 2 AM on New Year’s Day.

    Other Buses with Shortened Intervals between Services or Extended Hours

    • Buses traveling to Maokong area: S10, BR15 – last bus will leave the terminal stop at 1 AM on New Year’s Day.
    • Buses traveling to Dajia Riverside Park: S9 – last bus will leave the terminal stop at 1 AM on New Year’s Day.

    Post Event Transit Shuttles
    Midnight – 2 am, January 1

    • Line 1: To MRT Taipei Main Station. Single Zone Fare.
    • Line 2: To MRT Gongguan Station. Single Zone Fare.
    • Line 3: To Muzha/Jingmei Area. Single Zone Fare.

    For more information, please visit the official website of the 2017 New Year’s Eve Bash: (Chinese)

Source: Taipei City Government

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