Taipei Councilman Claims He Didn’t Know It Was an Erotic Massage

Photo from Tai Hsi-chin's (戴錫欽) website.

KMT Councilman Tai Hsi-chin (戴錫欽) was caught by the magazine Want Weekly (周刊王) patronizing a known erotic massage parlor near Section 5 Nanjing East Rd. on the evening of September 16, according to CNA. According to the Want Weekly article, Councilman Tai allegedly stayed in the massage parlor for more than three-hours.

The councilman, who is married, claims in a Facebook post that he did not know the massage parlor was well known for such services and that nothing inappropriate occurred during his visit. The manager of the business denied providing any erotic services to clients, claiming that the establishment is upscale. He did, however, mention that there are certain “hand services” that are marketed as “maintenance” and “detox.”

Reporters who later patronized the massage parlor “for research” were told by employees that erotic services are offered if the clients ask.

The councilman said that the reports are attempting to discredit him and that he may seek legal recourse. He also called for an investigation into illegal erotic massages in the area.

In semi-related news, Taipei Fire Department Section Chief Chen was arrested at a brothel marketing itself as a spa in Keelung on Saturday, Taipei Times reported. The sex worker ingested the condom in an effort to destroy evidence. Chen claims he was only at the business to receive skin-scraping treatment (刮痧).

Prosecutors recommended charging Chen and others arrested with violating the Social Order Maintenance Act. Most prostitution clients are only fined NT$3,000.

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