Taipei 101 Not a Top 10 Attraction for Japanese Tourists

dome of light kaohsiug
Dome of Light at Formosa Blvd. Station in Kaohsiung

A survey by Japan-based travel agency H.I.S. revealed the top 10 tourist attractions in Taiwan for Japanese tourists, and the iconic Taipei 101 did not make the list.

The list of attractions included specific food destinations and even hotels around Taiwan. The travel agency collected information through its website from more than 2,000 Japanese visitors to Taiwan.

According to the H.I.S. survey, these are the top 10 destinations for Japanese tourists in Taiwan:

  1. Paradise Dynasty’s (樂天朝皇) five-color soup dumplings (五色小籠包)
  2. The lobby at 1969 Blue Sky Hotel in Taichung (1969藍天飯店)
  3. The Rainbow Village in Taichung
  4. Formosa Boulevard Station’s “Dome of Light” in Kaohsiung
  5. Emack & Bolio’s  ice cream in Taipei’s Xinyi District
  6. Meat Up in Taipei’s Wanhua District
  7. Shaved ice at Tai Cheng Fruit Shop (泰成水果店) in Tainan
  8. Colorful fruit juice at Dream Cool in Xinmending
  9. Four Four South Village (四四南村) in Xinyi District –  the former residence for the 44th Arsenal of Combined Logistics Command
  10. The Florist (花匠) romantic flower wall in Taichung

While the results of the survey may come as a surprise, Japanese tourists noted that the destinations, such as the Blue Sky Hotel lobby, make for beautiful photos to bring back and show friends.


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