Tainan to Launch Double-Decker Tour Buses by February

tainan sightseeing
Sightseeing buses in Tainan are set to begin running before Chinese New Year

Tainan announced that it will introduce open-topped double-decker sightseeing tour buses before the Chinese New Year holiday, which starts on February 16.

The top deck of the bus will have 38 seats for passengers to see the sights of the city, UDN reported. The hop-on, hop-off buses will travel around Chihkan Tower, Anping Fort, Confucius Temple, and other sights in Tainan. The 25 km route will take a total of two hours, including exchanges to switch between the red and green lines that connect at.

Chihkan Tower
Chihkan Tower

The buses will also be equipped with Wi-Fi for tourists who don’t have local phone service.

The first batch of buses, according to Public Transportation Office Director Lu Chiang-hui (呂獎慧), will have 28 seats up top and ten seats below. Passengers will be provided with raincoats in case of inclement weather. Some buses were borrowed from Kaohsiung to test the routes and ensure safety, Lu said.

The buses will operate between 10 am and 8 pm. Tickets are set at NT$300 and are valid for four hours.

Tainan’s announcement comes a year after Taipei launched its own double-decker tour buses that run on two separate routes. The buses in Taipei have suffered from low ridership, but the government has since begun offering discounted tickets for tourists combined with other travel offers. Kaohsiung also has its own double-decker sightseeing buses that were introduced in August.

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