Taichung Blood Center Getting Sucked Dry

taichung blood center
Photo by Ianbu via Wikimedia Commons

Taiwan’s healthcare system relies on blood donations throughout the year, but the public is less likely to donate blood during the rainy season each year. This cycle tends to result in a shortage during the summer. And the Taichung Blood Center recently indicated that the shortage is occurring earlier than in previous years, and it could turn into a public health emergency.

The Taichung Blood Center said that it is currently seven to ten days short of what is considered a safe supply. It only has 4.7 days of blood available. Of available blood types, the center has 3.6 days of type A blood, 3.8 days of type O blood, and 3.5 days of AB type blood.

The medical needs at 600 facilities in Taichung, Changhua, and Nantou require 1,500 bags of blood per day on average. The region has the lowest supply of blood of any center in Taiwan, UDN reported.

The Taichung Blood Center operations director Wu Meng-ta (吳孟達) said that typically a blood shortage is seen in June or July, but this year there were more rainy days in March that discouraged donations.

The agency encourages any healthy people in the area to donate despite the rainy weather. Most healthy adults are able to donate blood once every 56 days.

For blood donation locations and times, please visit the Taichung Blood Center website (in Chinese).

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