Student Claims Taipei 101 Christmas Market Reusing Disposable Tableware

xmas market
Photo courtesy Taipei City Government website

A student posted on the unofficial NCCU student Facebook group “政大學生交流板” that the Strasbourg Christmas market at Taipei 101 has been reusing disposable tableware, UDN reported.

The student claims to have worked part time selling food at the Christmas market. He reportedly resigned after discovering that the tableware had been picked out of the trash and reused. His resignation letter was posted online which said, “Your attitude is very inappropriate….I do not understand why basic restaurant hygiene does not make sense….Do consumers want to use disgusting cutlery?” The student also questioned the quality of the food sold at the market.

Organizers for the Christmas market said that the tableware was taken from the recycling bins and not the trash. Furthermore, it was handled properly. The organizers insisted that they will pay closer attention to the situation to ensure a sanitary environment for guests visiting the Christmas market.

The Strasbourg Christmas market opened last Thursday in collaboration between the Office of Commerce (TCOOC) and French Office in Taipei and will continue until December 25. It is the first time that the market has visited Taipei; it has been opened in Moscow and Tokyo in previous years.

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