Store Claims Receipt Lottery Prize from Customer

receipt lottery

Most Taiwan residents are excited to win anything in the bi-monthly receipt lottery, particularly if the prize is significant. Even a NT$200 prize is nothing to sneeze at for most people. However, a woman posted about her experience of losing out on a prize that she felt was rightfully hers, Apple Daily reported.

According to the post in the Facebook community 爆料公社 (or community gossip), the woman brought her winning receipt to the post office to claim her NT$200 prize. She was told, however, that someone else had already claimed the prize, thus her claim was invalid. It seems that the store that issued the receipt had claimed her prize.receipt lottery

The post has since been forwarded to the store, which claimed that an employee had cashed in the receipt without the company’s knowledge. It encouraged the disgruntled customer to contact the store to work out the matter. Apple Daily called the store, but the calls were not answered.

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